Data Scientist Service


We are looking for a data scientist, to support the Elia grid development scenario’s and market adequacy team for the different tasks that need to be accomplished and more in particular to:

  • Extend existing I/O tools of the ANTARES simulator with new functionality
    • Example: add new items/modules to the input scripts like hydro, batteries, …
  • Increase robustness of existing tools
    • Example: add data validation to better deal with missing data
    • Example: increase reproducibility by setting up a user repository independent fork of a tool using rat pack
  • Increase tool flexibility
    • Example: create frontends (excel based, shiny app) to set up tool suites
  • Automate data handling
    • Example: create a tool that creates country specific generation reference sheets based on ENTSO-E’s PEMMDB 3.0 database (Excel based)
  • Gather data from External platforms
    • Automate reading data from external market platforms such as the Transparency Platform from ENTSO-E or TSO/market participants
  • Extend the team’s VBA add-in to increase VBA scripting efficiency
    • Many functions used by the team are needed in different scripts. The team has started to collect those in an add-in for VBA/Excel. Further develop the approach and add relevant functions to the add-in.
    • Example: create subroutines that automatically uniformly format graphs to increase consistency in reports (e.g. green = renewables, blue = gas, …)
  • Handle large amount of output data to generate pre-defined indicators
    • Depending on the needs, the consultant will be assigned some tasks to calculate indicators in R from simulation outputs
  • Visualization of results with maps, graphs that are flexible and can be adapted to any study
    • Develop a toolchain to visualize any simulation data on maps.
    • For Antares data, RTE has developed a first package that can be found on Github.


  • Good knowledge of R, particularly the data.table, tidyverse packages
  • Good knowledge of VBA & Excel
  • Fluent in English
  • Bachelor’s degree in applied information technology, masters degree or equivalent by experience is a plus
  • Knowledge of either Dutch or French is a big plus
  • Prior knowledge of energy markets, or economical dispatch models is a plus
  • Knowledge of the flowbased electricity market coupling proces is a plus
  • Knowledge of QGIS, similar GIS software or equivalent R packages is a plus
  • Knowledge of Github is a plus
  • Full time intra murros at Elia’s Monnoyer premises
  • End date of first contract: end of year 2019


The SMA team is composed of 6 people working for the “Grid Development” department. The team is responsible for (amongst others):

  • Conducting adequacy studies
    • Strategic Reserve volume determination for next winters;
    • 10 year adequacy and flexibility study;
    • European adequacy assessments (MAF, PLEF)
    • Part of design of the future Capacity Remuneration Mechanism (CRM) in Belgium
  • Conduction market studies for interconnections
    • Ten Year Network Development Plan simulations
    • Economic assessment of further border and internal grid reinforcements
    • Developing a “flow based” approach for long term market studies
  • Scenario quantification and database maintenance
    • Follow the market developments in Belgium and Europe to quantify future scenarios for the electricity/energy system (up to 2050)
    • Maintain databases with historical and future/forecasted data
    • Creation of tools and methods to forecast data
  • Vision studies
    • Evaluating future market design options for the electricity trades
    • Other studies depending on Elia’s priorities (offshore grid, global grid, P2X, …)
  • Ad-hoc requests internal/external
    • Providing input/answers to questions on future of the system
    • External representation to different conferences/meetings when needed

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