On February 16th we – the aariXa Academy – would like to welcome you to our first session of 2017! This session will take you on a journey into the world of Xamarin! Again this academy will take place in the Odisee Campus in Brussels and will be divided into two parts: the first part focuses on the Xamarin platform anno 2017 and the second part will be a practical approach.

For this information session, we booked a BIG name in the Xamarin world:

Gill Cleeren – Xamarin architect

Gill Cleeren is a technical architect as well as Practice Manager. He is a Microsoft Regional Director, MVP and long-time Pluralsight author. Gill focuses on web and mobile development and loves Xamarin. Gill is a frequent speaker at many international conferences such as TechDays, TechEd, NDC, VSLive and many more. He also is the founder of Techorama, the biggest IT conference in Belgium and he runs Visug, the .NET user group in Belgium as well.

The information sessions are designed to allow participants with different experience levels to attend the program. After this educational interactive sessions, we provide, as usual, a drink and a snack.

Interested colleagues, friends and acquaintances are also welcome!

Registration is required.
Each person must register separately on the website.
Be quick because places are limited!


When: Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at 17h30
Address: Odisee, Brussels (Warmoesberg 43, 1000 Brussel). Reception in the foyer on the 6th floor, afterwards the session will take place in room 4402 (4th floor).
(Sandwiches, soft drinks, coffee(foyer) and after drink (A La Mort Subite) are provided)

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Participation is FREE OF CHARGE! – Registration is required given the number of places is limited. aariXa will charge by absence after registering a no-show fee of 50 euros.


17:30 u Reception with sandwiches and drinks
18:00 u

Welcome speech – Introduction

Start info session: Xamarin

Part 1: The Xamarin platform Anno 2017

Cross platform development is what many businesses consider to be the holy grail. There have been many attempts over the years and they all have their flaws. One of the major problems is that many solutions require learning a new language and skillset, while that is often – if not always – the most valuable asset.

With Xamarin, it becomes possible to re-use C# skills to build iOS and Android applications and on top of that, re-use much of the code base for apps for the Windows UWP platform as well. In this introduction session, we will take a look at how we can build apps using C# which run on all platforms. We’ll see how the Xamarin platform is built out of Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms. We will also take a look at the different code-sharing strategies which we have available, including PCLs, shared code and more. With Xamarin, development can be done from Visual Studio as well as from Xamarin Studio; we’ll show the different options here as well. We’ll also take a look at the other important tools that make the platform what it is today such as TestCloud.

After this session, you’ll have a good overview of what Xamarin can help you with and also what are the different building blocks of the platform.

19:30 u Break
19:45 u

Part 2: Building a fully-functional application with Xamarin.Forms

“You’ve now seen the demo, it’s time to get real”

By now, you have seen what Xamarin.Forms can do: it allows us to target the 3 major mobile platforms with just one code base.

In this session, we are taking the practical approach: together, we will build a full application with Xamarin.Forms. Not many slides, just code. And a working Xamarin.Forms app you’ll be able to download at the end of the session.

21:30 u After drink

aariXa invites all participants for an after drink in A La Mort Subite.